Agro-Chemie Budapest 

Agro-Chemie Ltd. was founded in 2007 as the successor of the pesticide division of Chinoin. Agro-Chemie has 100 years of professional history, thanks to our staff's knowledge and experience that they brought with themselves from the Chinoin era.

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Finished product sales and distribution

Procurement of primary materials and distribution of finished products.

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Contract manufacturing 

We are capable of producing, formulating and packing wettable powders (WP), water based suspensions (SC), emulsifiable concentrates (EC).  

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Warehousing services

For our contractual partners we offer comfortable and economical warehousing services.

Welcome to the official website of Agro-Chemie Ltd.!

Nowdays the world and Europe could not meet the challenges of food production without modern technologies. To achieve this goal we need a wide variety of pesticides and a complex production strategy based on them. It’s not enough that these pesticides do their jobs effectively, but their environmental effect should be low and controlled, in order to protect the balance of our already weakened ecosystem.

Our products meet both of these requirements and our solutions provide a reliable protection against weeds, insects, mites and fungi.

We are proud that our products are used in a dozen countries with satisfaction, while our production and laboratory capacities allow us to do contract manufacturing and development of different water based suspensions and powders for others too.

You can find further information on our website, but our staff would be happy to receive your questions, so feel free to contact us in any way.


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Our traditional fungicides play an essential role in the quantity and quality of yields.

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Our broad-spectrum herbicide, Fozat 480 is excellently efficient against almost all kind of weeds.  

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Insecticides developed by Agro-Chemie Ltd. can prove protection against many pests.

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Flumite 200 is a selective acaricide with a broad-spectrum against leaf-, gall-, and spider mites.